Custom Laser Cutting

We can custom Laser cut any scale project without you having to justify the purchase of expensive and complex machinery and the extensive learning curve of the design process involved.

We offer in-house custom Laser cutting and Laser engraving services that include up to 3/32" thick wood, high density foam, chipboard, paper and some types of plastics.

We can Laser cut or Laser engrave intricate or difficult parts in just a fraction of the time and at a great reduction in costs that would otherwise require hours to produce using conventional techniques.

We will convert your drawings, designs, scans, or sketches into CAD drawings for high quality two or three dimensional parts. Just give us a simple sketch, with dimensions, and we will take care of the rest.

We do not charge for engineering and/or CAD design time or set-up. Any charges accrued are based on Laser time only and material if we are the one providing it. We do require a small non-refundable deposit that is credited towards your order.

Whether you are in need of that unique molding to complete your replica of Grandma's house, a dozen specialty room boxes for your next group project or have that special little project that you would like to market, we may be just what you have been looking for.

Please email us to get a quote for your custom laser cutting project.