QSH102 Tudor House


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For anyone who wants to go medieval but finds castles too drafty, the next best thing may be a Tudor-style home. This Tudor home is based on the architecture of England at the end of the medieval times. The Tudor style home evolved during the late 15th century and has been popular in style to this very day. This three story, five room English Tudor house kit comes complete with everything that you will need to build your new home. Along with all the Laser-cut wood parts the kit includes the windows, doors, shingles and a resin fireplace and chimney that are ready to paint.  Also included is printed paper flooring.  The only thing missing is your talents and love for this charming piece of English history.  (stone walls, rocks, stone walk-way and base accessory kit for landscaping are available separately - dirt & flowers are not available)  See Architectural Miscellaneous to order the landscaping consisting of the stone walls, rocks and cobblestone walkway 

W  7-1/2"   H  8-3/8"  D  3-5/8" (left side) 2-3/4" (right side)


Tools & Supplies needed to complete:

Glues: Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue® and Ultimate Glue®

Paints: Delta Ceramcoat®  - Burnt Umber, White, Ivory, Barn Red, Terra Cotta, Coral, Black, Forest Green (any similar colors are OK)

 X-acto Knife

sanding sticks or sandpaper (coarse & fine)

 Glue Jig or Legos®


 Spackle if desired (can use white paint)



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