QSH114 Rakki Hausu (Japanese House)


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Rakki Hausu (Japanese House)

3-story Japanese house with nine rooms (living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, attic & three hallways. Comes with Shoji screen doors and windows that actually slide open and close and uses real rice paper. The floors are printed Tatami and wood. This house is unique in that two of the rooms are not viewed from the back but are viewed instead using windows and doors. The house is built floor by floor and the floors can be kept separate until all interior decorating is finished. The QS906 Veranda and QSA907 Entry Arch are available separately. Furniture is also available.

House 8" W 8-1/4" H 3-3/4" D

QSA906 Veranda (deck) 9" W x 1" H x 7" D Kit $24.50

QSA907 Entry Arch Kit $14.00

Tools and supplies needed: X-acto knife, sandpaper/sanding sticks, Quick Dry Tacky Glue, cutting mat, acrylic paints (white, black & red), MinWax Stain pens (Golden Oak & Provincial), magnetic square jig and/or legos, blue painters tape, scissors, cork backed ruler, paint brushes