MSH113 Cobblestone Cottage


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A short stroll from Castle Kari and past the meadows of Somerset sets a quaint little thatched 14th century cobblestone cottage that is waiting for you. Numerous generations have made her their home and now she is waiting for you to be the next, knowing that you will be that special person. Her walls are sturdy, her hearth is warm.

Included are the faux stone fireplace and chimney, two front windows, side bay window, door, faux shingle & thatched roofs, faux stone house walls, porch steps. The floor has scribed lines engraved into it. The wishing well and three picket fence sections are also included. Landscaping and the base are not included but directions on how to make the landscaping and who to obtain the landscaping from is given.

Building Size: 2-1/8" wide (from outside of bay window to outside of chimney)

1-3/8" deep (from back wall to bottom step)

2-1/8" tall

All wood pieces are laser cut.